Nynne (pronounced nuh-nuh!)

Nynne is a Chinese/Danish illustrator with an adoration for dreamy skies and bunnies. She hopes to make her audience feel at peace with her artwork.

Frequently asked questions

What program do you use?:
Procreate on an ipad 6 + apple pencil
What brushes do you use?
Mostly procreate's default brushes: Turpentine, old brush, studio pen, hard brush, medium hard brush, thylacine
How do I pronounce your name?
The easiest way is "nuh-nuh"!
May I use your art as an icon/header?
Yes with credit!
Can I use your art as a wallpaper?
Yes! No need to ask me for this :)
May I repost your art?
No, I do not allow my art to be reposted!!


Commission status: Open
Availability for freelance: Open
If you are interested in contacting me for freelance/contract work, please email [email protected]
Terms of Service for Personal Commissions
🌷 Full payment or 50% deposit will be required before I start working on your commission
🌷 Any major changes after the sketch phase will incur a fee
🌷 Refunds only before the sketch is approved. 100% Refund if commission has not been started, 10% refund if sketch has been completed but not continued.
🌷 Do not use, claim, or reproduce my work for profit unless it is the intended purpose
🌷 Commissions for commercial purposes will incur a fee
🌷 Extra charges may be applied depending on the complexity of your request
🌷 Rush fees apply
🌷 I may decline the commission if I believe I cannot confidently deliver your request
🌷 All prices are in USD
Additional information
☁️ I will email you after accepting your commission to double check your request and provide an invoice
☁️ Payment is via Wise or Square. Paypal is possible but the first two are preferred.
☁️ Please provide references if possible! If you have many reference images, please compile them into a shareable google drive
☁️ After payment is accepted, a rough sketch will be sent to you for approval first
☁️ Commissions can take anywhere from a couple weeks to a few months. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.
☁️ No R18 or furry requests please! I am not confident in drawing those subjects, sorry!
☁️ If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me
☁️ Thank you for your interest and support!

Please fill out this form if interested in a commison:

Character only

Half body$200
Full body$250

Characters will be painted with simple/no background elements. Please specify if you want any background elements or lighting (eg. flowers, butterflies), otherwise the background will be a flat colour

Full Illustration

Full illustration with simple or no character$500

Landscape illustration incorporating a simple character (chibi, animal/human from a distance)

Full illustration with character$650
Extra character $70/per 

A complex/full sized character illustrated with a complete, detailed background. Character can be human or animal